Sunday, January 31, 2010

You Learn Something New Everyday

Today was an off day from the track, but still an early one.  My aunt and cousin were heading back to Trinidad on the 9:30 boat and wanted to make one last visit to the beach before they left.  So by 6:30 we were up and out the door and on our way to the beach.  It was a little chilly out and a bit cloudy, but the idea of the beach still sounded like a warm idea.  When we got there it seemed like we weren’t the only ones who thought so.  There was a group of 15 people already there enjoying the water. So with out any hesitation I kicked it full throttle down the beach and into the water! It was freezing!! I looked around at the other people and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Everyone else seemed perfectly fine with the temperature, whereas I was standing there freezing my buns off!  I swam around a bit and did some squat jumps in the water to help warm up a bit, but it only did so much.  I stood around for a while then I was ready to call it quits.  We had to head back right away, so my timing was right on.  As we drove back it started to rain, and with the windows down on the car, I continued to freeze the whole way home.  It didn’t seem like any of my other family members were really being effected by the cold swim at all! You’d think growing up in the prairies I’d be use to being cold, but that was not the case.  As soon as I got home I ran straight to the shower and stood in the stream of hot water for a good 20 minutes!  For the first time since getting here I had to wear my sweats and my sweater to keep warm.  My aunt and cousin left at 8:30 then it was back to bed to warm up for me.  It didn’t take to long to warm up though.  The sun was back out by 10 and my sweats became too much to bear, and it was back to a tank top and boy shorts :-)

Outside of my uncles houseOutside of my uncles house

     Morning at the beachMorning at the beachEarly morning beach  


I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon finishing off a book while working on my tan on the back porch.  Once the sun started to go down a bit and it was no longer as hot, my uncle and I headed out for a little walk.  The morning swim ended up being a little much for him and he developed a fever from being in wet clothes.  He figured a little walk would help, so I was happy to go along with him.  We went on a different route this time that I hadn’t been on yet.  There were a lot of new flowers and fruit trees that I hadn’t seen yet.  I saw a pineapple plant which was cool because I always thought pineapples grew in trees.

After watching a bit of football and Planet Earth it was off to bed for me.  It’s back to practice tomorrow and I need to make sure I’m all rested up.  This week I’m going to try some of the workouts with the guys down here so it should be interesting, and hopefully challenging as well!

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