Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Too Tired To Train...

January 4, 2010

Today was traveling day. Woke up at 430 to get Egiroh to the airport. Last night I was up till 1130 trying to repack everything, I'm not really sure how I got all my stuff down to Miami in the first place. I unloaded at least 20 pounds on Egiroh to take back to Canada for me. Turns out the extra clothes put his bag over weight and he had to pay a little fee....ooops :-)
He can't really complain too much though, both of my bags were over weight too, 60 and 63 pounds. A man at the airport tried to help me lift one and almost threw out his back!
So a hundred dollars and an hour later I'm finally at my gate. I'm surronded by at least 50 people that sound like my mom, I know this plane is going to Trinidad. Since Egiroh's flight was two hours before mine, I still have lots of time to kill. Sleep is the perfect time killer, so I close my eye's for what I think is 5 minutes and wake up to an almost empty gate. Close call but I still made it on. The flight is just under 4 hours and I tried to sleep for most of it, but sleeping in a plane isn't the easiest thing.
When I finally land in Trinidad I can't believe it, it beautiful and HOT. I'm way over dressed with two long sleeve pull overs on. As I stand in line at immigration, I'm sweating like I did something wrong! The officer asks me a million question that I don't know the answer too, and this is the point in which I lose my foam roller. Overwhelmed with the 21 question period, and the heat from the layers of sweaters, I leave my foam roller and don't even notice.
My aunt comes to pick me and I'll be staying with her until the weekend, then I'll take the boat over to Tobago to stay with my uncle and finally get settled in.
After some running around and visiting some other family its 6pm and I'm way too tired to train. I'll just mark today up as a rest day, and start off fresh tomorrow.

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