Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Calm Before The Storm

Yesterday’s workout was nothing really special, and nothing really to blog about.  Nice light warm up, followed by a short circuit.  Everything was said and done within an hour, shortest workout yet!  I knew this was nothing to get too excited about because of what was in store for me today.

It seems like anything over 400 meters I have a tough time wrapping my head around.  Silly little head keeps getting in the way. So today’s workout of 500-500-300 had been bothering me since Tuesday morning when I got it.  All through the circuit on Wednesday I milked how easy it was, and actually wanted it to last forever so today’s workout would never come.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because I have yet to perfect the ability to make time stand still.  I tried not to think about the workout too much and just enjoy the easy day yesterday. 

This morning I had to go for a 25 minute run, so I decided to run to Mt. Irving beach again. This time I was prepared not to get overly excited at the hotel sign.  I tried to wake up early, at 6:30, but I just couldn’t do it.  Through some convincing by my uncle though, I was able to get up and on the road by 7.  The sun wasn’t nearly as hot this time in the morning, and the jog to the beach was much more enjoyable.  The run back was a little harder though.  It took no time for the sun to show up and start beating on me for the return part of my journey.  By the time I got back home it was minutes to 8, so much for a 25 minute jog.  By 8:30 I had showered and eaten, and I really didn’t know what to do with myself.  Usually by this time I’m just getting up and contemplating whether to have oatmeal or corn flakes for breakfast.  After some stretching and a couple morning jams on MTV I was actually pretty tired, so naturally I took a nap.  Since I’ve come to Tobago I’ve been napping like I’m in Kindergarten again, and I love it!

Once I woke up and recovered from the morning’s run, the thought of this evenings workout started to sneak into my head again.  I tried to figure how I would come through 100 and 200 and 300, and no matter how I broke it down, it was still going to be 500 meters, and it was still going to suck.  I tried to occupy myself with other things like reading and a movie, but there was no escape from the thoughts of the workout.  So once again, naturally, I took a nap.  I know, two naps in one day, awesome! At the least I knew I would be really rested for the workout.

So the time came, 4 o’clock, game time.  Even though I get dropped off at 4, I usually just ‘lime’ for a half hour then get on with the workout.  Today I couldn’t chill though, so 10 minutes after getting there I was well into my warm up.  My warm up’s have become very abbreviated, due to the warm weather, so within 30 minutes I was ready to run, or at least my body was.  No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get into the workout mentally.  Unlike other workouts so far, I hesitated and procrastinated to start the workout.  Even when I came to the line I still wasn’t as into the workout as I should have been, and the time showed it, 1:26.  I was suppose to come through at 1:17 and this was very off.  I couldn’t get to down though, at least not now, I still had two more runs to do.  I got 15 minutes between the runs, and I knew that I should have been more tired then I was.  With a full recovery I should be running harder.  So with the next 500 I tried to think of the break and that no matter how hard I ran, I’d be able to recover enough for the next run. 1:20 was the next time, better, but not where it needed to be.  I was disappointed, super disappointed!  The best I could do was try to make it up in the final run, the 300.  There were a couple younger boys running 300s as well so I figured I would run with them.  They were ready to go before the 15 minute break was up, but I felt like I hadn’t run hard enough in the 500 to need the full break.  I lead the boys because I knew if I tried to follow they would just get away from me.  I told the coach to give me 3 to 4 seconds since the boys were going all out in spikes.  They had been running 39s and 40s, and I only need to run a 47, so the head start should be just enough to push me a little.  I came to line and I knew I had a lot to make up, the 500s before were horrible and I needed a way to make this workout not go to waste.  I took off hard down the back stretch,  coming around the corner I could hear the guys behind me.  I kept my knees high and didn’t let the idea of tired even slip into my mind. Down the home stretch I drove my arms and focused on my form, I could feel them coming, I was not going to let them pass me.  *BEEP* I cross the line, I don’t let down for one step, watch read 43.31!  A great end to what so far had been a horrible workout. I look back to congratulate the boys, but they aren’t there. I look back a little further and see them just coming around the bend.  There is no way I beat them by that much, the lead was only suppose to be 4 seconds max.  I ask the coach how fast they went, 40 seconds, well that makes no sense.  I investigate a little further. I guess when they saw me take off they said I was too fast, and they didn’t want to get embarrassed, so they waited till I was done to go.  I’m not sure who I heard then, maybe it was just me not wanting to run slow, but whatever it was, it helped.  I felt better about the workout, but I know next time, the whole thing has to be better.

I finished off with some weight, which only took 30 minutes and finally put a close to the night.  Even though the whole workout didn’t go the way I wanted it to, I was still able to end it well. I know next time I’m dished a couple 500s I need to man up and not be scared. I think now that I’ve done the workout once, I’ll do it better next time. 

I have Friday and Saturday off, then time trails again on Sunday.  There might be a straight 400 which would be great, but I’m not 100% sure if I’m ready for.  Either which way, I’ll take some lessons from this workout and know not be scared of it.

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