Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day In The Country

Once again I had Friday and Saturday off. I took full advantage of it on Friday and slept in till 10 :-)  It was kind of windy out for most of the day, so I spent some time catching up with friends via email and watching a couple movies.  I sent in the times from the workout on Thursday to my coach back at home, she said the times were alright.  She said times will get better and the improvement from one 500 to the next just showed I was in good shape, but also that I was being a pussy.  Next time I just need to take it out harder and I should get the results I want.  Funny enough being called a pussy made me feel a little bit better.  That that I know this, and what to do, next time I know it will go a lot better.

 IMG_0239 IMG_0237IMG_0232  

Today, Saturday, I went up to the ‘country’ to visit some family. The ride up was a little rough because the roads were very windy, so for most of the trip I stuck my head oIMG_0214ut the window and tried not to be sick.  Once we got up there though, the view made it all worth it.  Out the back of the house was a beautiful view of the ocean, and all around the yard there were fruit trees like bananas, mangoes and even coca trees.  I ventured around a little bit, but then it got too hot and I retreated back into the house.  The country was very quiet and peaceful and I just relaxed as I listened to the waves beat against the rocks below. 

After a nice meal of fish, caught right from the ocean in the back yard, we headed back home.  The drive home was a little bit easier, and enjoyed the view on the way back.  It wasn’t really until then that it really clicked in that I was here.  That I was on this little island, this tropical paradise. I smiled the whole way home :-) 

Once again just a relaxing weekend, and now I’m ready to start up training again tomorrow.  Time trials will be held again at the stadium and hopefully I can improve a little from last weeks.  I’ll either run a 300 and a 150 again, or possibly a 400.  Not matter what though, I’ll take it out hard and confident and I’m certain I will get the results I want.

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