Saturday, January 9, 2010

Early Morning Boat Ride

3:32, 3:48, 4:23, 4:45…I really didn’t want to miss my boat today! Departure at 6:30am means at the dock at 5:30am the latest.  After missing a flight once in 2007 I’ve really never been able to sleep well the night before travelling and this was no exception.  I had to leave a bit of stuff back in Trinidad to make my bags a bit easier to carry.  Once I got to the port though I realized I probably didn’t have to because I checked my bags as soon as I got there.  My uncle will just bring what was left behind when he goes to Trinidad next week.

The long boat ride was anything but comfortable.  I had gotten use to being way too hot no matter where I went , so I wore just a tank top and shorts to travel to Tobago.  Unfortunately for me they pumped up the A.C. and I froze my buns off the whole way.  The only good part of the trip was the series of late 80s and early 90s hits that they played for half the trip.  Tracey Chaplain, Bryan Adams and a whole lot of hair! What more could I ask for!

Now that I’m in Tobago I’ll need to organize once again where and when I’ll be training.  I had talked with a coach down here before I came, so now I must touch base to get going. Weekends are usually off and I haven’t received anything from my coach yet, so tomorrow I’ll relax once again and hopefully get going on Monday.

It rained for a bit today, but I missed most of it.  Once I got in I slept from 10:30 until around 6:30.  After a couple calls back home and a movie, time to hit the sack.  Organizing tomorrow then training on Monday!

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