Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That’s What She Said

Today’s workout was long and hard, not only did I have to run, but I also had to lift weights.  I spent another hour in the afternoon with the tennis ball working out some tension and it really helped.  I found that if I have the computer on the floor with me and I watch a movie it doesn’t seem to hurt as much. 

My workout today was 3(4x100) with a walk back between reps and 4 minutes between sets. But before any of that there was a whole lot of shorter drills to do that made the workout take forever.  By the time I was ready to run the sun was starting to dip below the skyline.  I didn’t rush the runs, but I definitely didn’t take my time doing them.  Once I was done the sun had completely set, but it was still 26 degrees out! At one point during a walk back I could hear the ocean crashing up against the rocks on the other side of the track.  So even though the sun was down and it was dark, it was still 100 times better then training back in cold Regina!

Once I was done running, I still had some lifting to do.  Tonight marked the one week anniversary of me ‘mashing up’ my hand in the weight room, my goal for the night was to leave all intact.  The weight room was kind of empty so I was a little worried that there was a chance that I would hurt myself again.  That changed very quickly.  Within 10 minutes the throwers had finished throwing and the weight room was packed.  I was lucky that I was early because I was able to grab a lifting platform all to myself.   The weight room is located under the stands and it’s kind of small, so as soon as the throwers showed up the room turned into a sauna.  The  mixture of running, lifting and sauna conditions made me look SUPER ripped after lifting, yet another reason why I love it here :-)

Four and a half hours later I’m finally done!  This week has only a couple hard days, and today was one of them.  The running wasn’t super hard, but just putting everything together in one session is really tiring.  When I finally got home I just wanted to eat and go right to bed.  Well you can’t always get what you want, but this time it was worth it.  TBS had a three hour mini marathon of The Office on, I couldn’t say no to that!  So for three hours I sat on the couch and didn’t move a single muscle (other then ones on my face).  Yet another good end to a night :-D

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