Monday, January 11, 2010

Shark Park….Shaw Park, Same Diff

Finally! Today I finally got to workout in Tobago.  The park wasn’t exactly what I thought it was gonna be but, I still think it will work.  There are a lot of events going on in Tobago on the actual track so access is going to be limited.  Shaw Park (or Shark Park as I thought it was) is a wide open grass track, it still measures 400 meters, so it will work! Except for today’s workout though, it didn’t :-s  I was suppose to do 3(3x200) with just a minute break.  There was only one stretch of 200 meters marked out, so this one wouldn’t have worked out well.  There were some other athletes there and coaches there and after some discussion I decided to try their workout, 6 x 300m.  I didn’t get any of my times, but the 400 meter coach said they looked good, I’ll just assume he knows what he’s talking about.  He went to the Olympics for the 400 so he might know a thing or two.

I got my workouts for the week and they are looking pretty good.  I’m going to take them to the coach down here and see what he says, maybe he’ll be able to make some adjustments to help me get faster.

Other then workout out today, I didn’t really do too much. My uncle is slowly recovering from his chicken pocks, but now my aunt has them :-s  luckily for me I had them when I was younger, hooray grade 1!  So I helped a bit around the house, cuz I’m SUPER handy! I fixed a drawer with a screw and everything :-)  If you need a carpenter, look me up!

Tomorrow I have weights and a workout, gotta work on my beach muscles for all the cute boys!

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