Friday, January 29, 2010

A Little One on One

Even though I usually have Friday’s off, today I practiced to make up for the missed workout on Tuesday.  This probably worked out for the best since today I was able to workout at the stadium, and it was a short speed workout.  When I first got to the stadium there was still some school sports going on, so I sat patiently in the stands and waited.  Today it was just a primary school, so nothing too exciting, but still entertaining.  They were just finishing up ball throw, and it reminded me of how I use to rock at ball throw when I was younger.  Something happened along the way though and now I have the upper body strength of a CFL kicker, and can’t throw diddly-squat :-s

Once they finished up, I started up with my workout.  It was 3:00 so it was a little earlier and warmer then it usually was for practice, but I was definitely still loving it.  4(4x50) was the workout, with a turnaround between reps and 4 minutes between sets.  It was just me and coach Franklyn at the stadium, since everyone else has Friday’s off, so I was able to get some good advice throughout the workout.  He timed a couple of them, just for fun, and with each suggestion he made, my times got faster.  By the last set, even though I was tired, I was running faster then the first.  I think if I can carry these changes over to my races, I’ll definitely be running faster soon enough.  It was a pretty short day at the track, but I got a lot of tips that I think will really help.  I finished off by lifting weights, and then limin’  a bit at the park afterwards.  I learned two more peoples names :-) I’m on a roll now!  Five hours later I was done practice and lifting and I was just ready for bed!

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