Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rain vs. Snow

Today was another early morning walk with my uncle.  The last couple times the walk has been 30 maybe 40 minutes long, so today I expected the same.  I really don’t know why I keep setting myself up like this, so of course it was not the same today.  We woke up 15 minutes earlier and I was still half asleep for the beginning of the walk.  We started passing places that I hadn’t recognized and it kind of woke me up a little.  My uncle also seemed to have a little pep in his step and it was a real struggle for me to keep up.  I looked forward to slight incline because these were where he slowed down and I was able to make up ground. The walk seemed to be taking forever! I did see a lot of fruit plants and very pretty flowers, so I did make a mental note that next time I’ll bring my camera…if there is a next time!  Throughout the walk my uncle graciously offered me short cuts to go back home, but I figured if he can make it so can I.  An hour in I was really starting to wish I had taken one of those short cuts.  We talked for most of the walk, but it still didn’t help speed up the course this walk was taking.  The sun was starting to come down on us, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much more.  As we turned the corner I was ready to ask for one of those short cuts, when I realized where we were.  We were half way between home and Mt. Irvine, the beach I had gone to.  I could feel my spirits lift and I no longer had trouble keeping up with my uncle. An hour and half after we started we were finally back home!  My uncle seemed fine like we had just walked around the block or something, but I was exhausted! As soon as I was done eating breakfast, I went straight back to bed for 3 hours! No more walks for me for a little while.

After recovering from the walk I lounged around a bit before practice time.  I was lucky that today’s workout was easy or that morning walk would have really killed my practice.  A nice light circuit was the workout for this afternoon, I should be in and out in just over an hour. 

As I got ready to go I noticed a little bit of overcast but didn’t take too much into it.  When I got down to Shaw park though, the clouds there seemed a little bit more menacing looking then the ones back at the house.  I told my ride to come back at 630, that way I could lime after my workout and get to know some of the people a little bit more.   At 4:30 I got right into my workout, that way I figured I’d have just under an hour to chill after.

I got the first set of exercises in the circuit done and I start to notice those menacing clouds are starting to get closer to the park.  I run the first 200 nice and strong, but not to hard.  When I pick up my water bottle from on top the sheet with the circuit I see that its gotten the top quarter of the page wet.  Great! Now I’ll have to rewrite it out when I get home.  Next, just like I was in a movie or something, as I’m holding the sheet little drops start to hit it and smear more of the writing! I look up and the people practicing cricket on the far side of the field are running towards me! They run past me and head for cover like they were being chased by Godzilla. The rest of the athletes start to follow, not with as much panic, but to the stands to also get some cover.  At this point I have a decision to make. Do I follow and run for cover as well and hopefully finish the workout when the rain stops? Or, do I continue?  The way I saw it was if I waited till after I’ll get dirty and wet from the ground anyways, so I just continued.  The rain started off to not be too bad at all.  It was more of a mist then anything, and it was keeping me cool so I had no complaints.  By the 4th set of exercises though, the rain had really picked up and was coming down hard.  I had given up on saving the sheet with the circuit on it, but I continued to go since I was almost done. On one of of the 200s it seemed like the rain was coming down extra hard, but all I could do was smile.  Everyone had run for cover except for me and three other guys.  As I ran all I could think was ‘this sure beat 27 centimetres of snow’ and the smile on my face just grew bigger.  For the past couple days in Regina it has been snowing like crazy, and I know I would take the rain over that snow any day!  The best part was that even though it was raining, it was still 28 degrees out! I finished the workout with ease, and just as I did, the rain let up.  Everyone rushed back onto the field and continued on with their workouts like nothing had just happened.  I was soaked, but at least I had a little fun.  The only down side to it though was that it was only 5:00 and as the sun came out and warmed up my sweaty rain soaked clothes I started to smell and quickly became the butt of everyone’s jokes. I stayed around and laughed and joked a bit, but by 5:30 I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to 6:30 with my soaked clothes, so I made the most expensive call probably ever and called my ride (with my Canadian Rogers phone that is) to come get me. 

Rain will beat out snow any day in my books, and I’m glad I that I did my workout in the rain today.  It ended up going well, and other then the funky smell that followed, it was lots of fun.

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