Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Well another day has come and gone without a workout! Its taking longer then I thought it would to set something up, but thanks to my coach I’ve got something figured out.  Tomorrow I will finally hit the track and on route to why I came here.  Today wasn’t a complete waste though.  I woke up early, for no real reason, and just enjoyed the beautiful view of being on this island.  I looked out the window of my bedroom for at least an hour before I went down for breakfast. 

My aunt was  very active in helping me to find a place to train for today, and when we both came up with nothing, she took me to the beach to make me feel a bit better.  The water was amazing! I walked out for at least 100 meters and the water was only up to my bellybutton.  I got scared though when I saw some fins in the water and I immediately ‘swam’ back with all my might.  Lets just say I’m a better runner then swimmer and after an embarrassing attempt to escape the sharks, I was only 10 meters away from where I started.  To make matters worse, the 12 year old boy beside me was laughing and pointing at the fish that ‘scared d funny lady’.  I spent the rest of the time on the beach letting the waves hit me. 

On the way to the beach there was a police car parked up just down the beach and what I thought was a dead body floating in the water.  Well I thought correctly, because when we were heading back from the beach the coroner had showed up and the body was on the beach with a white blanket over it.  Nothing says ‘welcome!’ like a dead body on the beach.

With the adventures behind me I’m now ready to finally get onto the track.  I’m pretty excited for tomorrow, and even more so for Saturday when I’ll finally be in Tobago and the training gets real!

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