Monday, January 25, 2010

Pang pang ping pow pow

Today like every Monday so far I had 3(3x200).  I came into the workout still feeling bad from yesterdays workout. Instead of letting the reminder get me down, I used it as fuel to do well today. I could still feel the effects of yesterday race in my legs but with some positive thoughts and some determination I was able to run through it. I ran between 28 and 30 for most of the reps and only faltered once with a 31.  I was happy with how I ran not only because of the results but because of my ability to get past what had happened yesterday.
When I finally got home I was pretty tired, but my night was just beginning. After a quick shower and supper I was out to the panyard.   Prelims for ‘Panorama’, a battle of the bands if you will, were going on at different sites around the island.  Four of the sites were pretty close to my uncle’s so we went to check them out.  I had seen and heard some steel pan before at Mosaic in Regina, but this was very different.  It was bigger and louder and the players had so much energy!  The guys playing the big pans would shake the stands as they jumped around to the beat and striking the right pan at the right time. Each group played their one song to perfection and enjoyed every minute of it.  The judges for the event were running late, so we moved on to the different panyards even before their ‘actual’ performances, but for me the practice runs were still amazing.

By the third group, the workout was starting to kick in, and tiredness was creeping around the corner.  I tried my hardest to stay awake, but eventually sleep got the better of me.  After the third band I called it a night and headed back home.  Even though I only got to see three, I know there will be more in the future.  These were only the prelims, so for the next round I’ll be better prepared to enjoy a whole night of pan!


…also I’ll have better pictures once I get my better camera, sorry!

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