Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nothing Before Its Time

'Nothing Before Its Time'  I literally read this quote everyday on my arm, and it's such a good little reminder of everything I've been working for.
I remember in 2012 when I didn't make the Olympics this was a phrase my mom said to me to help ease the pain.  At first I didn't understand.  I was devastated, and all she would say is 'Nothing before its time Ese' (insert sweet Trini accent).  I thought she was saying it because she didn't know what else to say.  But turns out it was because she is a sweet Yoda Jedi and knew exactly what to tell me, without having to say it.
Track is full of ups and downs, good workouts and bad, injuries and victories.  Great athletes learn how to take these all in stride, not letting one effect you more than another.  Learning how to lose with grace, and win with humility, because all it takes is one flap of a butterflies wings to send everything in the opposite direction.
Those words my mom was telling me, was reassurance.  Reassurance that I was on the right track, but 2012 just wasn't my time to shine.  And in reflection to who I was two years ago, she was absolutely right. As an athlete, as a Christian, just me on a whole, I was not ready to step on that big stage.

Bring us to today, and this is really when I'm starting to understand.

In the past I was training hard, but not neccesarily smart.  I was getting quicker, but running the 400m is way more than just being quick.  Everytime I tell someone what race I run, I get 'that look'.  The look of understanding that the 400m is a hard @$$ race.  It's not just about who can run full out for as long as they can and see what happens.  The 400m is a race of maturity, a race of understanding and tactics.

And in order to run that race, you have to train smart.

I've successfully completed the smartest base season as a 400m runner to date.  It has been the hardest physically, mentally and emotionally and I made it through.  Now that we are transitioning into higher intensity workouts, my mom's words are ringing in more than ever.  Without a proper base, this next phase would be impossible.  'Nothing before its time'.  Without proper planning and programing, come outdoors reaching my goals would be impossible 'Nothing before its time'.

What my mom was say is that you can't move on before its time.  You must prepare properly in order to perform perfectly.
There is no rushing through the phases.  Things won't come unless you take you time and do it right.  You can't run before you walk.  And right now I'm laying down those baby steps needed, so I can fly come this summer!

I've started working on a little campaign to help make this next season possible.  With Pan Ams coming up next year in Toronto, that is a really big goal of mine.  The games would be an awesome opportunity for those people who have supported me so much over the years to see me run, right here at home.  I'm hoping to raise a little money to help with training this year to make this possible.  With winter creeping in, getting away to some warm weather training would be key right now.  Not just the warm weather, but really being able to train on a 400m track would be great.
Check out my video, and please help me spread the word!

'Nothing before its time', 2015 is finally the time.