Friday, July 11, 2014

If You're Not Writing, You're Reading

Photo Courtesy of @cardedbykashani 

I've taken some time away from writing... ya I know, again!  But this time wasn't just out of sheer laziness.

I believe any good writer should take some time reading.  So that's what I've been doing.  Devouring books to not only exercise my mind, but also develop myself as a writer.  I find reading the works of others helps shapes the flow of my own.  So over the last two months I've been reading and re-reading some classics, like War of the Worlds, Slaughterhouse Five, and Cat's Cradle to name a few. Two very different types of written works, but also two very good authors to reference.  I've recently started reading Endure By Ian Warner, and even though I've just started I know it's going to be an amazing read.

A lot people don't realize that in order to get better at something, sometimes you have to take step back and work at it from a different angle.  I knew my writing needed some work, so I took to seeing how the greats did it to help make mine stronger.

Just like with writing, I feel like I did that this year with track.

I chose a new path this year.  Which meant breaking everything thing down and building it all back up again.  And boy was it hard!!

I met a lot of challenges this year, on and off the track.  I knew it was going to be tough though and just stuck through it.  I wasn't able to do it all alone though.  I had an AMAZING crew behind me.

My coach, Bob Westman, who even though he had the hardest time reading me, never gave up and pushed and put up with me everyday.
My training partners, Alicia, Natalie, Maggie, and Brenna. The 800m girls that kicked my butt EVER Tuesday, Rachel and Fiona.  Hayley who took the brunt of my smack talk on speed days.  And the boys Greg, Ray-Ray and Isiah.  They all made ever training session enjoyable and pushed me when I thought I had nothing left.
The staff at Omega Health and Fitness, I don't even know where to start with them.  Through two hamstring injuries, a back strain and calf issues, they made it happen.  Working with me to get and keep me healthy.

And last but not least my families.  I say families because I've been blessed to have the support of not just my blood, but my supplanted family here in Toronto.  I have the most amazing siblings, that know exactly what to say and when to keep that fire burning inside me.  The Warner's and the George's have taken me in as their own, and make being 2100km away from home so much easier.

My mom.  Every day at 1030 I'm guaranteed a call from this amazing woman with words of encouragement and a reminder that 'the podium is where you want to be'.

So as this year winds up, I'm preparing to take that step back and get refocused for next year.  This year was hard, and the next two years are going to be harder.  I'm prepared for it though.  I'm surrounded by people who love and believe in me.

Now it's time for me to do the same