Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Toronto Experiment

Well I've been in Toronto now for almost three weeks. I'll be heading home on Tuesday in order to attend my convocation on Wednesday, then back on the road Friday to hopfully compete on Saturday.
This has definitely been a year of suitcase living so far. Starting off in Trinidad, then Arizona and now Toronto. All three locations have had their benefits. The first two were really nice because the weather was beautiful and I was missing winter back home. They were still missing something though. Since being in Toronto I've realized what it partners! Now don't get me wrong Wade and Nathan were awesome dudes to train with, but they were boys and long jumpers so it just wasn't the same.
Since coming to Toronto I've been able to train with an awesome group of girls, and no only girls but sprinters too! The dynamic of the workouts is a lot different when you have someone on your level to train with and I've loved every minute if it. So far the Toronto Experiment has been a success and this weekend we'll find out if it pays off in my race.