Monday, October 20, 2014

The Other Side of The Coin

Well I'm 5 weeks in on another base season and I can comfortably say, I feel great!  Now don't get me wrong, workouts have been killer and there are days when I'm so exhausted I pass out with my backpack and jacket still on.  But with all that being said, I still feel great.
There is something about track athletes that we find comfort in that pain.  That soreness and achiness that comes hand in hand with base season.  There's that part in the workout where you feel like you can't take another step, let alone do two more 300s, but you make it through.  Through the power of self talk, but more importantly (well to me at least), the push of a training partner,  you remember what its all about.

Base to me is like an internal competition between, 'off season Ethel' who's been eating everything and anything she wants, and 'let's get this Ese' who wants to succeed more than anything.

Five weeks in people, and Ethel is officially dead!

In other news, I've started coaching!

In preparation for life after competition, I've started working with an amazing group of young athletes. Twice a week I'm challenged to take off my athlete cape, and don a new chapeau.  This new experience has definitely given me a newfound respect for coaches.

Don't get me wrong, I've always respected my coaches.  The amount of time and love that I've been given by all of them, can never be truly expressed.  And in that, I've now realized how hard it is to coach! I know personally it can take me a while to understand, and 'get' a drill per se. And I know for a fact some of coaches probably wanted to pull their hair out working with me!

Hahaha, so I guess this new venture in coaching will be karma at it's finest.  I'm up for the challenge though, and really excited to see how it goes.