Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don’t be Scared to Ask For Help

I woke up pretty early today with the hopes of lifting weights in the morning, then running in the evening.  Up and out of bed by 8, breakfast in me by 8:30 and ready to go by 9! Didn’t exactly workout that way though.  I was ready to pump some iron, but the chicken pox had gotten the best of my aunt and she had to go to the clinic instead.  It was all good though, I got a chance to show off my chef skills.  I made the most amazing salad, then got booted out of the kitchen before I burnt anything down.

After lunch I followed my now regular afternoon schedule of movie and nap before practice.  Death Becomes Her was my little treat for the afternoon.  If you think Bruce Willis was good in Die Hard, check this one out!  Lets just say I went to nap a little earlier today.

My warm ups have been cut in half due to the amazing weather down here.  Unlike back at home, my body is pretty warm and an extra long warm up is no longer needed.  By the time I was done my warm up yesterday, I had already sweat out any water that I had drank for the today.  So today I made some adjustments and by the time I was ready to run, I was nice and warm plus I still had a lot of energy left to do the workout.  Today’s workout was short speed, so a couple 20s, 30s and 40s followed by 3(4x100m).  I didn’t wear my spikes for this workout because I was on the grass track, but I probably could have.  All the athletes that train at the grass track regularly put on their spikes all the time and seem to have no problems.  I might just try it for my next spike workout and see how it goes. 

Since I wasn’t able to go in the morning to lift weights, I just lifted after my running workout.  There were a lot of people in and around the gym, but I was still able to get a platform to myself.  The coach down here has been very helpful and was very impressed with my lifting abilities.  I think I may owe some of it to Carla, but I’ll take the credit while I can  :-)  The weights at the gym don’t have the same racks that they do back home to make it easy to load and unload weights.  So when I was done with my sets of power cleans, instead of asking for help, I tried to unload the weights myself.  At first I tried to awkwardly hold one end of the bar in my left hand while trying to slide the weight off with my right….well that didn’t work.  Next I tried to hold the end of the bar on my leg and slide the weight off with my hands…once again that didn’t work.  On my last attempt I straddled the bar with the end out in front of me.  Holding the bar up with my left hand, I grasped around the bar with my right and began to push the weight to the end.  It was going good until I got to the end.  I’m not 100% sure what happened, but the weight some how tilted forward and pinched my hand between the weight and the bar then proceeded to fall off.  It hurt for a split second, but not as much as I thought it should have.  I looked down at my hand and it seemed ok, so I proceeded to the next side.  Then the kid beside me says something, I’m not really sure what, it just sounds like missyohandisbleedin’ (with a Trinidad accent of course).  I’m pretty sure I looked pretty puzzled, then he points to my hand.  My right hand is covered in blood and its now starting to drip on the platform.  I’ve never really been good at knowing what to do in situations like this, and this was no exception.  I look at my hand, then I look at the boy, then once again back to my hand.  I throw it up into the air and ask “what do I do!” (in a Canadian accent) and he just points to the bathroom.  As I’m leaving the weight room another guy asks me if I’m done with the weights, so I tell him “yah I think so” :-s  As I wash my hand of all I can think is, ‘I shoulda got some extra health coverage’ and I try not to throw up from the gash. 

I cleaned up the cut the best I could with the supplies they had at the track.  Once the bleeding had somewhat stopped I finished off my weight program and amazed some of the boys with my incline press skills (140lbs).  The coach was once again impressed that I didn’t just leave after ‘bussin up me hand’.  He says I’m a different one,   I’m hoping its a good kinda different.

Tomorrow’s workout is a tough one, so I plan to get as much rest as possible.  I plan on beatin up the beat of tomorrow’s workout, and showing it who’s the boss. Tony Danza style!

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