Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Fear the Night For That’s When the Mosquitoes Bite

Last time I was in Tobago I was eaten alive by mosquitoes the first night I was here.  This time wasn’t as bad, but I still felt their wrath.  Half way through the night I woke up to intense itching sensations on both my legs.  No less then 10 bites on each and that number grew by the time I woke up in the morning.  I thought I had put on repellent but it was obviously not enough. Mosquitoes 1 – Ese 0, I’ll come better prepared the next round!

As far as training goes, today was another day off.  It seems like I’ve had a fair share of those lately.  Hopefully by tomorrow I can get on the track.  I’m still in the organizing stage for Tobago.  I tried to get a hold of the coach down here, but I was unsuccessful. I’ll try again tomorrow, and if anything I’ll just go to the track and hopefully be able to catch him at some point. 

I did make it to the beach today though, and it was beautiful.  Nice clear waters and flashes of warm water, like nothing I’d ever experienced at Regina Beach that’s for sure.  The water was nice and calm and I was able to swim about 100 meters out before I got scared.  Opposed to my weak attempt earlier in the week to swim away with haste, this time I able to do so without being laughed at.  

I finished off the day with diner, a movie and a little mental preparation for tomorrow. 

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