Friday, January 8, 2010

Rainy Day

Today started off once again at 10 am.  I felt very rested and recovered and ready for the days workout.  I looked outside the window and there were a couple clouds and as soon as I got down stairs I was notified that it was gonna rain today. Now in Regina a rainy day means several layers including a rain jacket and possibly an umbrella and very dark gloomy skies.  Well I’m in a totally different world down here.  The prediction was right, and the rain came, but the sun stayed out and it was still warm.  Within half an hour of it raining, everything was dry, still humid, but the ground was dry and you would never know that it had rained earlier.

I worked out a little later today, yesterday it was still pretty hot throughout the workout and it seemed like all the other people waited till 430 to start their workouts.  I followed their lead for today’s workout and it definitely paid off.  It was a bit easier workout, but the coolness of the night made it a bit easier as well.  There weren’t as many other athletes training tonight because of a development meet tomorrow.  I wish I had know about it, I could have at least watched.  There were about 5 other people at the track, including a very curious 10 year old boy. Apparently I looked like a foreigner to all the other athletes and they sent the boy to find out what I was all about. I told him I was 12, but I don’t think he bought it.

Today’s workout was pretty basic, 6 x 60m with some extra exercises at the end.  Good way to end the week, next week will be a little better with an actual full week of workouts.   

I leave for Tobago in the morning, where I will finally set in.  Most of my time will be spent in Tobago and training with the group there.  Once there I can finally unpack all my bags and really settle in.  Then the real workouts can start and I can get down to business.

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