Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nice and Easy

Last night I had the best sleep ever.  After getting yesterday’s workout done in good times, I knew today’s was going to be a piece of cake.  Plyo and lifting, the easiest workout I could ask for. I was suppose to do some speed endurance, but that got pushed off until Sunday, so today was looking extra good to me.  Then to top it all off, my aunt made the best homemade ice cream ever.  I convinced myself that since it was homemade it was good for me, so I indulged a little…and by a little I mean a lot!

I started reading my second book of the year and its turning out to be more then I thought it would.  I’m The New Black by Tracy Morgan is an autobiography that I thought was just going to be a string of jokes with little to no structure.  Well I was wrong, it does have a lot of laughs but there are also a lot of lessons.  I’ve only just begun the book, but I sense that I will learn a lot from it.  So far its really shown me that anything is possible.  Tracy Morgan came from and extremely tough background and up bringing and now look at him! The hardest part of my up bringing was growing up in the ghettos of White City!  Knowing that Tracy could make it through all that and be successful means that my goals are very attainable.  I just gotta keep my eyes on the prize as they say.

I’m also reading a book on mental toughness preparation for athletes.  I really think this book helped me yesterday through my tough workout, and I think it will continue to help me through my training.  Ninety percent of sports is fifty percent mental.  I think if I continue to work on the mental part of my I will see major improvements this year.

Outside of the track today, I once again just chilled at home and read my books.  I was invited to go the beach again, but I turned it down.  Tomorrow will be a different story though.  I have tomorrow completely off of track, so I will take full advantage of it.  I plan to spend a large part of it at the beach, working on my tan.  For as long as I’ve been here, I should really have a better tan.  So tomorrow will just be fun in the sun, to change that.

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