Saturday, January 30, 2010


Once again this morning I ventured out for a walk with my uncle.  This time my aunt joined us, so when my uncle got way ahead I at least had someone to walk with.  It seems like each time we go walking he gets stronger, and the only way I can keep up is with a slight jog!  I was pooped again when we got back, so straight back to bed I went.  I think I may have been dehydrated, or maybe just exhausted from the week, but I slept till 1:00! When I got up though, it was off to the beach!  My aunt and cousin came over from Trinidad, so we (and by we, I mean they) packed a lunch, loaded the car, and off we went.  We found a nice little forest by the beach to park up in and spread out a nice little picnic. After finally waking up fully, I ate and then went off to the beach and go for a swim.  The water seemed rough, but I didn’t realize how rough until I tried to go in.  The waves coming up on the shore were so strong that they almost knocked me over! I decided to play it safe, and just enjoy the water from the edge.  It turns out it was going to be a full moon and all the beaches on the island were rough today.  So instead of venturing into the rough sea, I walked down the beach instead.  The sand was super soft and it sank beneath me, it felt like I was walking in snow except for not as cold and horrible! Near the end of the beach I saw a coconut tree that I was sure that I could climb.  It was smaller then the rest and it was hanging by an angle that made it seem like it would be an easy feat.  Even as I got close it still seemed like it would be ok, once at the base though, that quickly changed.  As I looked up the tree, then down to the ground below it I realized this might be harder then it looks.  On my first attempt I tried to climb up on all fours, that didn’t work too well.  Next I tried the bear hug approach, once again, not too successful.  Maybe I could use my speed to my advantage.  So on my last try, I backed up as far as I could and take a run at the tree.  One step, two step…and that’s as far as I got! All I could do was picture myself slipping, falling and breaking my arm or my leg.  It was fun to at least try though.

After the little tree adventure, we packed the car back up and we were on our way.  We drove halfway up the one side of the island to a look out to watch the sun set.  You could see the ocean go on forever, and back onto the beach we had just come from.  From there we took the path that cuts through the island to the other side.  The path actually goes through the rainforest, and there are 3 to 4 thousand hectares of protected rainforest on the island that have been left untouched. The road was very windy and undeveloped but the scenery was amazing.  For the last half of the journey though the sun had set and other then the lights from the car, we were in complete darkness.  In parts where the trees parted, you could see the stars in the sky perfectly, it was beautiful!

When we finally got home everyone was tired from the long day at the beach, especially me!

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