Monday, February 1, 2010

Switchin’ It Up

Today I decided to try something a little different.  Usually on Monday’s the boys run 6x300 and I would do  3(3x200), so according to my math we were doing the same distance, so why not work out together!  This weeks is suppose to be an easy week, so even though I was working with the boys I was still going to take it easy.  I got to the track a little early to make sure I was ready when everyone else was.  The coach always said to be ready for 4:15 or don’t both to be there.  So of course at 4:15 I was ready to go, but no one else was, so 15 minutes later they were ready to go.  I started to walk over to the 300 meter start when I heard the coach say ‘fartlek’.  I turn around and gave him a bit of a puzzled look. ‘I thought we were doing 300’s’…‘Not today Canada’.  The fartlek we had to do was sprint 100 meters, jog back 50 meter, turn around and repeat for 400 meters.  It works out to 700 meters of sprinting in one rep! It was suppose to be an easy, so at this point I don’t what to do.  I didn’t want to duck out of the workout and look like it was too hard for me, so I just did it anyways.  One hard fartlek on an easy week shouldn’t hurt me,  four might though :-s  For the first two sets I got blown out by the boys, but for the last half I decided to step it up.   I lead for the first 200 meters of the third set, and finished strong right behind them for the last half.  No one ever remembers the first three quarters of a sports game, the fourth is always the time to shine.  So for the last rep I stayed right beside the guys for the first 300 meters.  I was feeling pretty tired by the last 100, so after the last 50 meter jog, I turned around and took off as hard as I could.  I stayed just in front of the guys for most of it.  I held them off for as hard as I could, but I could hear them inching up with every step.  I tired to relax and just finish it off.  With 20 meters left the guys started to pass me, I didn’t let them go, and finished just behind them.  I was tired as hell, but I still felt good.  I thought that was it for the workout, but there were still drills to follow.  I’ve done hip mobility drills before, but nothing compared to what we did today.  By the time we were done, my hip flexors were hard as a rock!

It was nice to try something a little different today.  Running with the guys pushed me a little, and reminded me how to dig a little deeper when I get tired.  Not sure what’s on the program for tomorrow yet.  If I don’t get anything from my coach though I might just join the guys again.

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