Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone

With less than two weeks left in paradise, I’m trying to take full advantage of the remainder of my stay.   Yesterday I was able to do two workouts and both of them went very well.  The morning workout was just basic drills to help work on my technique and form.  Since I didn’t need any equipment for the workout I trained on the field down the street instead of at the park.  My uncle was able to join me for a morning workout, which was nice to have him along.  He started chemotherapy on Monday and he’s trying his darndest to exercise and sweat out any ill effects it might bring on.  He walked and jogged around the field as I did my workout in the centre.  Seeing him fight through everything he has gone through, then having him there with me working out side by side was a huge motivator for me.  I realized I have it pretty good, and all I need to do is work hard and I’ll be able to achieve my goals.

After a hour of drills for me, and walking for my uncle, we were both drenched through and through.  The 12 o’clock sun beat down hard on us for the walk home, but as we came up the last hill before home, a cool island breeze helped cool us down.  After breakfast I spent the rest of the morning limin’ with my uncle and getting prepared for the evening’s workout. 

The workout for the evening was 4(4x50m) strong runs.  The workout always seems easy when I see it on paper, but by the third 50m run, I remember its not going to be that easy.  This workout will help me on my form though, and the coaches were able to tell me what to fix and what looked good.  From day one here I’ve been told I look tight when I run, so that’s all I focused on for the workout.  I tried my best to relax my shoulders and it paid off.  The coach said I looked like a totally different person, which I assumed was a good thing. By the time I was done running the sun was down, but it was still nice and warm.  I did a nice long cool down with some drills then spent 20 minutes sitting down and listening.  I could hear the ocean, the birds, some bats, I could hear the chatter of people at the other end of the field.  I looked up and I could see the moon crystal clear like I had never seen back home.  I looked off into the hills and they were spotted with lights from peoples homes.  It was hard to believe my time was almost up, it felt like I had just got here.  Before I got too overwhelmed I jogged back to the gym and lifted weights until my uncle came to pick me up.

Today when I woke up I could feel the effect of last nights sprints and weight lifting session.  With every step I could feel tightness in everything below the waist.  I went for a walk with my uncle to help loosen me up, and it worked! My uncle continues to whoop my butt when it comes to walking though, and today I was only able to make 3 rounds of the community, whereas he was able to do 4.  I told him I had to save my legs for my workout later on, when really I just couldn’t keep up to him anymore.  When I got back I quickly ate breakfast, then I started to pack my bags up.  I don’t leave until next week, but I know if I don’t start now I’ll be rushing and I’ll probably forget something.  I was able to get in with the secondary school sports team that is competing in Trinidad next week for their national meet, so I’ll be leaving Tobago on the 2nd.  This is the big meet of the year for the secondary school kids, and I guess for the past 14 or 15 years straight, Tobago has beaten Trinidad.  I’m going to go with them and help the kids with their warm ups and getting to the call room in time. I think its going to be a great experience, and ten times as entertaining as the meet that was in Tobago. 

The workout for tonight was drills again.  When I get two days in a row of drills, I know the third day’s workouts are going to be hard.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be doing some short speed and block work on the corner.  Then in the evening I have 300-300-300, with a goal of 42 seconds.  Last week I was a little off of the goal, but I feel with how well I did the workout on Monday I will be able to hit this goal no problem.  I predict…42.22, 42.68, 42.40…so I guess we will see.

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