Friday, February 19, 2010

Back To Normal

After an amazing week in Trinidad for Carnival, it was time to get back to the grind.  Thursday I headed back to the track for a nice light workout to warm my body back up.  I got a bit of a sore throat and nose from all the dusk and late nights over the past week, so I was really hoping it would not effect my training.  Thursday morning me and my family took the boat over, so we got into Tobago by 10 am.  I had to get re-settled in to my home away from home, then took a much needed nap before heading to the track.  On the way up the hill by the park a couple of the high school boys were limin’ about, and as I passed they waved and said hi and seemed some what happy or excited to see me…I’m not going to lie, I was happy to see them too.  When I finally got to the park there were more cars then usual, so I figured they were having a big welcome back party for me.  Well it wasn’t exactly that, instead I came to find a cricket game in progress.  The game took up most of the field, so we had to sit and wait until it was over.  I took this time to catch up and see what everyone else had done for carnival.  Turns out a lot of the same stuff that went down in Trinidad, they had a smaller  version of in Tobago.  I guess I could have saved the trip and just partied over here, but I guess now I know for next time.  By 5 o’clock the cricket game was still going on, and I had told my uncle to pick me up at 6:15 so I needed to get going.  I used the little area that was still free to do the best I could to warm up.  The circuit was pretty general so a lengthy warm up wasn’t needed.  Timing workout out perfectly for me though, and as I was ready to start the running portion of my workout the cricket game had finished and the field was all mine.  The circuit didn’t take too long and when I was done I still had time to talk with some of my friends. 

Today, Friday, I did my workout earlier in the day.  Since no one else works out on Friday’s I was going to be alone, so I decided to go early to get it out of the way.  300-300-300 was the workout.  It had been a week since my last real workout, so I was going to have to try extra hard for this one.  The week off was good for resting up, but it may also have some adverse effects, so with this workout I was going to find out which it was.  The goal for reps was going to be 42 seconds, but if I don’t reach it, I’m not suppose to get too down.  There were a couple workers at the field fixing up the cricket pitch, but other then them I was all by myself.  This was a good opportunity for me to work on the mental aspect of my training.  The first rep was 44.40 and I knew I wasn’t as focused as I should have been.  On my break I didn’t think about what I did wrong on the last one, but what I should do right on the next.  44.06 was the next, a little bit faster then the first but still not right on.  The sun started to get real hot, and even though I was trying to stay positive and focused, I was getting down because of the first two runs.  I wasn’t feeling tired, and I couldn’t figure out what was going wrong.  ‘Miss ya look tight!’ someone yelled from the side.  At first I thought I was being hit on so I just ignored it.  ‘Just relax na gurl then you’ll go fasta!’  Turns out it wasn’t a come on, just some good advice.  I took the strangers advice and relaxed on the last rep.  I told myself to speed up at each hundred mark.  Faster around the corner, faster down the stretch, keep the shoulders relaxed.  It wasn’t a 42, but it was still an improvement, 43.86.  Even though the runs didn’t go the way I wanted them too, I took the positive I could out of the workout and next week I’ll hit 42 each time.

After getting the workout done nice and early I spent the afternoon at the beach.  Me and my family packed into the car and headed down island to a new beach.  The beach had beautiful white sand and nice clear, deep water.  I attempted to swim out to a boat, but when I saw a dark object swim under me, I immediately swam back for shore.  I was kind of tired from the mornings workout, but once I saw the black object I got my second wind real quick and became a black female Michael Phelps. All the time I’ve spent at the beaches down here has actually made me a bit of a better swimmer.  If only I could find those kids from my first week and show them I can swim!

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