Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday Surprise

Saturday was suppose to be a day off track and fun in the sun day with my family.  Well late Friday night I got a nice little present telling me that wasn’t going to be the case.  Strength circuit, and just to make it a little more fun, I was going to have to do it twice.  I wasn’t too down about this because the last week in Trinidad made me feel really gross from not training, so this extra workout was going to be nice.  The only downfall though was my family wanted to hit the road early to get to the beach and spend the day.  I told my uncle of the new found workout and thought for sure he was going to be perturbed that it would mess up the plans.  ‘You do what you got to do girl!’ He wasn’t mad at all, and the rest of my family was the same too.  I woke up early to make sure I didn’t waste too much of the day and mess up a good outing.  When I woke up my aunts and my mom were in the kitchen cooking up a storm.  Turns out my workout was a blessing in disguise as it gave the ladies a chance to cook up a nice picnic for the trip instead up just white bread sandwiches :-)

The warm up and the drills portion of the workout seemed to take forever and as it progressed on, the sun got hotter and hotter.  By 11 I was ready to start the exercise and running portion of the circuit and it seemed like the sun was just getting to its hottest.  The t-shirt I was wearing was soaked already, and the exercises were going to be done on the ground.  After the first set of exercises my shirt was real filthy and I still had 9 more sets of five exercises to do.  I trekked through the workout and by the end I was dead tired from the sun, but definitely felt good for working out.  My shirt was covered in grass and dirt, and it didn’t look like it was coming out anytime soon.  I head back and got home just in time to leave for the beach, so I showered quickly and was ready to head out the door. 

The beach we headed too was only 20 minutes away, but by the time we got there I was already falling asleep.  The post workout nappers were starting to get the best of me, so I set up a hammock and dozed off for a hour in the shade.  I guess everyone else was tired too because everyone fell asleep!  When we were all rested up we enjoyed the awesome lunch the ladies made then went adventuring in the forest.  The forest we set up in was located on a hill just above the beach.  My aunt that lives in Tobago knew her way around so she lead our adventure.  She took us all through the forest, then lead us onto a peninsula at the edge of the island.  It was pretty sweet there because the waves would come up and crash against the rocks beneath.  I spent some time climbing in and around the rocks and I felt like a little kid again going on an adventure.  I ventured down the rock and got right up into where the waves were coming up.  I even got to see two snails going at it! After my little adventure was over, we heading back to the camp we had set up, and packed up then head out.  Before we headed back home, we went up into the country to see some more family.  When we got up to the house there was no one out front so we headed around to check out the back.  When we got there the whole family was sitting outside watching the sun set and listening to the waves hit the rocks down below.  It was the most peaceful site ever.  So we joined in, relaxed and limed until the sun went down. 

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