Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Little Bit of Both

This morning like mornings before I went for a walk with my uncle.  I took a couple pictures, but after a while my uncle started to get a little to far away, so I put the camera away and worked on catching up.  Today was my turn to choose the route and I thought I knew where to go.  One wrong turn somewhere and we were lost.  Well I was lost, my uncle knew the whole time but failed to let me know that until we got home. 

After a quick breakfast I headed out back once again to work on my awesome tan :-) It was pretty windy so even though it was 30 degrees out, it didn’t feel too bad. 

My cousin had to work today, and my aunt took the other car, so I was on my own to travel to practice today.  I had noticed that there were always people on the side of the road looking for rides, and today I became one of them.  My uncle said a lot of people couldn’t afford cars, so hitch hiking was a very common way to get around the island. So at 3:30 I headed out to the main road and waited for someone to pick me up.  I was kind of nervous about getting a ride with a stranger, but you know what they say “a stranger is just a friend that you haven’t met yet”.  I’m not really sure who said it, but it did ease my nerves a bit.  I didn’t have to wait to long though and a nice older fellow picked me up, along with a younger elementary school boy.  Five dollars and 15 minutes later I was at the track, will all travel worries aside.  I got to Shaw park a little early so there wasn’t really anyone there.  I waited until 4:30 though and still no one was there, but I started anyways.  The workout I got was fairly short, so by 5:15 I was done. Around this time everyone else had finally showed up and was ready for their workouts. Their workout was 5x250, and I was told it wouldn’t be too hard.  So after a couple people challenged me and egged me on to join in, I couldn’t say no.  I have Wednesday off, so I figured I would have plenty of time to recover from the double workout.  I was able to keep up with the boys for the first three, then kick their butts for the last two.  I’m starting to think they like getting beat by me, or they are at least getting use to it.  We finished off again with some hurdle hip mobility drills that just killed me!  And some ab exercises that I know I’ll for sure be feeling tomorrow.

I had finished my lifting phase last week, so today I worked on finding out how strong I really was.  After the hurdle drills and ab exercises I hit the weight room to work on my swell :-)  All the weights are in kilograms and I’m use to pounds, so half my time was spent trying to do the math of how much I was lifting.  I never really figured it out, which I think maybe helped. I just kept putting weights on and didn’t really worry about how much it weighed.  I was able to power clean with 22.5kg and back squat with 44.25kg on each side, I’m still not really sure how much it is, but the guys seemed somewhat impressed so I’m going to assume it was good.

With tomorrow off I’m in no rush to get to bed on time tonight.  This is a bonus because TBS has a three hour mini marathon of The Office. I thought beating the boys was going to be the highlight of my day, but three hours of Michael Scott might just be the icing on my cake tonight!

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