Saturday, February 27, 2010

Watch Yuh Step

So, for the workout on Thursday I had made some predictions on how I was going to do.  I never claimed to be Miss. Cleo, so I ended up being a little off. “I predict…42.22, 42.68, 42.40…so I guess we will see.”  I ended up running 42.64, 42.20 and 41.97.  Like I said, I was a bit off :-)  I was definitely happy with my runs, and I was able to do them all on my own. The first rep I just told myself to try hard on having a good first 100 then see where that sets me up for the rest.  It was suggested to me to shorten up my first three to four steps off the start and make them quicker, so I did just that.  It seemed like by the time I was coming up from my acceleration I was heading into the bend.  The pace felt good, so I maintained it for the next 150 meter.  I wasn’t feeling tired or anything, so for the last 50 I just kept my hips up and brought it home.  When I looked down at my watch I knew I was a little off from my prediction, but I felt really good and I wasn’t tired at all from my run.  I relaxed for the break and just shook out my legs to make sure the tiredness didn’t kick in.  I chatted with some of the other athletes, then with three minutes left in the break, I headed over to the 300 meter start.  I relaxed myself then got ready for the next rep.  I was going to try the same thing again for the second one, but carry it over for 150 meters instead of just 100.  The shorter quick strides felt good from the first one, so this time I just focused on making them even quicker next rep.  Once again the acceleration phase felt amazing, and going into the bend I accelerated even more.  I came down the home stretch with ease.  The whole run felt effortless and when I stopped the watch I though it might have been slower then the first.  I looked down at my watch and it showed me otherwise. 0.44 faster than the first, and it felt real easy.  I did the same for the break as I did for the first because it seemed to work.  I just relaxed and didn’t think about the run until 3 minutes left in the break.  At that time I headed back to the start and got refocused on the last rep.  At this point I was very happy with how the workout was going so far.  I wanted to end just as good as I started if not better.  I reminded myself how easy the first two reps were and told myself just to step it up one more notch for the last one.  I took the last one out just as I did the second one.  Once again I accelerated around the curve, and this time when I had only 100 meters left, I stepped it up one more time.  I told myself this was the last one, and after I was done I would rest.  I pumped my arms as fast as I could but still stayed relaxed.  I could feel my legs get tired, but instead of thinking about my legs I just focused on my arms.  I tried my best to keep my form, and when I crossed the finish line I knew I had given it all I had.  I was so tired I didn’t even look at my watch, I fell to my hands and knees and just stayed there.  As I was hunched over I brought myself to look at my watch and as I saw the time I had a jolt of energy that brought me to my feet.  41.97, I was so excited I jumped up and pumped both arms in the air.  The excitement lasted for about 30 seconds before tiredness kicked back in.  I slowly made my way over to the side and started to take off my shoes.  I took my shoe and sock off my left foot first and naturally moved over to the right foot.  As I started to loosen up my right shoe I felt a burning sensation on my left foot.  A figured I ran so fast my feet were probably on fire.  I looked down though to find something very different.  Seven very large black ants were biting their way through my foot with no mercy.  I swear they were trying to burry their heads in, and it hurt.  I was so tired though all I could do was try to blow them off.  Somewhere between my head and my feet though the power of my blow weakened and didn’t even phase the ants.  They continues to bite hard, so I had to muster up some strength to bend over and kill them before they killed me! Once I finally got them all off I quickly moved away from the ant hill and relocated to the water pipe.  The biting was bad, but the burning was even worse.  I ran the water on my foot until the burning stopped, but large red welts remained to remind me of the attack of the ants. 

Two days later the welts have come down a bit, but smaller bumps remain as does the itching.  I guess this will just teach me that no matter how tired I am, I still need to watch where I step.

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