Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Weeks And Counting

Yesterday I spent the morning on a glass bottom boat.  The boat was suppose to leave at 11 and be back by 1 giving me two hours to rest before the time trials.  I should have know better that the boat was not going to leave on time.  When 11:30 rolled around and the boat was not there, I knew I was going to be late for the time trials.  We boarded at 12 and by that time I had conceded that I was going to be late, and just enjoyed the ride instead of stressing out.  The boat took us out to the Buccoo reef where we were able to see a corals and fish through the glass in the floor.  Once we set anchor the captain gave us the option to go snorkelling.  I didn’t hesitate for a minutes and I stripped off my clothes and jumped in even before getting my snorkel.  After getting properly equipped I was able to see way better and get right up close to the coral and some fish.  One of the guides lead us off to a part where some sting rays were sleeping.  He dove down and scared them so they became visible.  We followed the sting rays around a bit and uncovered four of them before heading back to the boat.  The next stop on the trip was to a nylon pool.  The pool was maybe waist deep, but it was located in what felt like the middle off the ocean. The sand in the pool was made up of dead coral and the guide said it was really good for exfoliating.  My uncles rubbed some of the sand on their arms, and I was about to, when someone notices the sand made your skin stink like fish.  I very quickly let go of the sand in my hand and just swam around instead.  When we finally headed back to shore I knew it was getting well after 1 and the activities so far had tired me out a bit.  We got back and changed out and it was already quarter past two.  I knew for sure I was going to be late, but the adventure on the reef was worth it.

As soon as I got back home I changed into my workout gear and headed right back out the door, sea salt and all.  I ended up making it to the track by 3:10 and when I got there there was music playing and I wasn’t quiet sure why.  As I walked through the stands and to the track I came to see a large stage set up on the home stretch.  It then clicked in, all the banners I had been seeing, there was a  comedy show and it was that night.  The show wasn’t till later on, but they were already there setting up the stage.  I found my coach helping some people with some shot put, and I went to him to see what the deal was.  No one else was going to be coming for the time trials, but I was free to still train if I wanted.  I was pretty tired from all the swimming, but with only two weeks left in Tobago, I wasn’t going to waste a training day.  I ended up doing some short speed and coach helped time me do a 150.  He had a video camera with him, so I was able to watch my runs and get some good analysis which I usually wouldn’t be able to do on a time trial day.  By the time I got back home I was so tired from all the activities throughout the day I was ready to go straight to bed.  But as I entered the house, I saw countertops full of food prepared by my mom and my aunts earlier in the day and my tiredness was quickly replaced by hunger.  With all the activities I hadn’t had time to properly eat and I guess I was hungry then I though as I ate two and a half heaping plates of food.  I fell asleep real quick after supper and had the best sleep ever.  I may have in fact been in some sort of food coma, but it was good either way.

Today was the first real day back to training since coming back from Trinidad.  I had trained last week, but it didn’t really feel the same.  There were no people at the track last week and the atmosphere was just different.  Today was back to normal though.  As I came into the park I was greeted by several familiar faces.  And just like before there were people having heated discussions about something or the other, and people telling jokes and someone playing music off their laptop.  It felt real nice to be back.  My workout picked up right where I had left off, 6x300 with 3 minutes between and a goal of 50 seconds for each.  The 300s were a bit further than the 200s I had been doing so far, but it’s starting to get closer to competitions so a little more distance is going to be needed.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the workout or how exactly to go out, so I just settled into a nice pace for the first one and tried to judge from there how I should go.  Well I guess the pace was real nice, 45.67 for the first one. This was either going to hurt me real bad for the next five, or I might just be in good enough shape to pull it off.  I let up just a little bit for the next one and ran 46.36, still too fast, but I wasn’t feeling too tired, so, so far so good.  48.57 and 47.91 for the next two.  After the fourth rep the tiredness was starting to kick in and I was regretting going too fast on the first one.  I tried really hard not to get too down as I got tired.  I took an extra 30 seconds on the break, and just took it out like I did the first four, 48.39.  I was slowing down a bit, but I was still under the target, so I was still doing good.  I was super tired going into the last rep and I could feel my legs getting really heavy.  At what felt like a hundred pounds a piece, I didn’t know if my legs were going to make it through the last one.  Coach just told me to relax and what ever happens, happens.  I knew I wanted to do them all under the target, so I took off hard like the ones before.  Fifty meters into the run I felt like giving up.  As I came to the bend for the final 200 meters, I reminded myself I only have two weeks left, so I better make the most of it.  I told myself to turn over faster, keep my shoulders relaxed and it would all come to me.  As I came down the home stretch I dug really deep for whatever I had left.  I felt my face and my hands get numb, and I told myself not to give up. *BEEP* 49.11.  I felt on top of the world for getting them all in under the goal, but then I soon fell right back down as lactic acid kicked in and I realize I was tired as hell!  I fell down to my hands and knees and stayed there for a good 5 minutes. A couple of the guys helped peel me up and after a nice cool down lap, I felt good to go.  I missed out on the abs session tonight, but I was told they would have something extra special for me tomorrow.  I usually like things that are extra special, but I have a feeling this may not be a good one.

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