Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rest and Recovery

Today I only had one practice, which was a very nice change.  I spent the morning working on the weakest part of my race, my starts.  I worked with one of the sprints coaches to help break down my start and figure out what I had been doing wrong.  It seems like everything I knew about starts was wrong :-s  We ended up breaking it down to the first two steps of my start and tried to dissect and analyse it from there.  I got a lot of good advice, but by the time the starts session was over my mind and body were both beat! I was suppose to do some speed endurance afterwards, but my coach called it off since my brain had taken such a beating from working on my start.  I’ve got a couple things to focus on for now, and hopefully if I get those down, my starts will be a little bit better.

The rest of the day we were actually given off, same with tomorrow! This has been the most time off I’ve had in a while and I’m not 100% sure what to do with it.  The rest will be important though because when we head back it will be a couple of really hard days of training, then preparation for the meet on the 10th.  My hips are pretty sore after all the short speed this morning so I’ll try to stretch that out, then just chill for the rest of the break. 

After this break I think training will pick up a bit, plus competitions will start.  This is finally the time when all that hard training will get put to the test.  The first three meets will be pretty big ones for me.  Before this year I’d only really competed in Saskatchewan and in a couple small meets in BC.  My coach says they will be a good start to the season, and should be really good for experience.  I’m always down for experience, as long as it makes me better in the long run…get it, long run :-)

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