Friday, April 2, 2010

Just Your Typical Monday Workout

Today was back to practice, so up early and at the track by 9am.  The track was a little quieter today as a lot of the junior athletes that had been training with us, left to go back to Canada.  We were finally able to get our coaches undivided attention.  She gave us a warm up that seemed a bit familiar and it wasn’t till I was halfway through I realized what it was.  It was the Monday warm up, which meant Monday’s workout.  It was 6x200 with 3 minute break. The last time I did this workout was the day I got into Arizona, and it got the best of me.  Today I was a little more rested and prepared for the workout,  so it shouldn’t go too bad.  Just like the last time, I did the first rep a little too fast, 28 seconds.  I was feeling pretty loose and not too tire though, so it may not end too bad.  The next four were in 29 seconds, but on the fifth one I was really tired.  I could feel as I came down the straight that my form was falling apart and I was getting.  With each run it was taking me that much longer to walk back to the start to get ready for the next rep.  I took an extra 30 seconds for the last one, and gave it all I got.  The first 50 meters I didn’t really feel anything, but as I came around the corner, that quickly changed.  I looked down to the finish line and it seemed like with each step it got further away instead of closer.  By the time I crossed that line my hips had dropped and my arms were barely moving, everything you don’t want when you run! I was still able to finish in 30 seconds, and this time my breakfast wasn’t all over the track when I was done.  I was able to improve from last time, and not feel as bad when I was finished. 

After a hard morning, I had a little bit easier afternoon.  I had worked a lot on my starts a could days ago, so in the afternoon we tested it out on the corners.  I pulled out the blocks and tried to work on what I was taught, and on a couple of the starts it actually felt a bit better. I know if I continue to work on my weaknesses my overall race will become a lot better.  Both of today’s workouts felt really good, and I know I’m on my way to a really good season.  Only 8 days till race day, and I starting to feel really ready :-)

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