Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hoppy Easter

I got Easter Sunday off, but not before laying down a good workout on Saturday.  I only had to practice in the morning so I made sure to make it a good one. 3 x 250 with a  15 minute break, this meant all out on each of them, just like I was in a race.  My goal was to do them all in 33, that way in a race I should finish in around 52 or 53 seconds, if I run it right.  I took off hard on the first one, and coming around the corner I felt amazing, and fast! When I crossed the finish line I wasn’t tired at all, and my time was right on, 33.03.  I thought I had fifteen minutes to rest, but when I went over to tell my coach about my time, the break quickly got switched to 12 minutes instead.  That was ok though, I felt fresh and ready to go.  There was a football team practicing in the infield so I watched them during my break.  At ten minutes in, I went back and put my spikes on and got ready for the next rep.  I was still feeling fresh, but I don’t think my mind was 100% into the run.  I took off hard just like before, but as I came into the corner I felt like I was thinking about everything but running.  My mind was wandering, and by the time it came back and refocused on what I was doing I was already done.  I finished in 34.58.  I was a little off, but my main concern was keeping my head in the workout.  For this break I didn’t watch the football practice at all, I just plugged in my iPod and chilled for the break.  I starting to feel a bit tired, but I tried my best to block it out.  Once again at the ten minute mark I headed over to the start.  It seemed just as I was walking over to the start, a bunch of cornerbacks were also heading in the right direction.  As I got ready to do my last rep, the football players started to do some drills which ended with them running out and across the track.  So much for blocking them out!  I tried to get their attention and let them know I was going to go, but I didn’t work.  At 12 minutes I attempted to go, and of course just as I was about to take off, on of the players ran out in front of me.  I must have given him a pretty evil look, because as he walked back he had a look of fear in his face, and he yelled at the other players to stop until I was done. I walked back to the line and tried to re-coop myself.  I took off hard again, but I was still a little hesitant that someone would jump out off the field.  As I hit the corner I knew I wasn’t going as fast as I should be, so I tried to speed it up.  I could feel myself get tighter in the shoulders, and my legs were starting to get heavy.  The last 100 meters seemed to take forever, but I tried my best to keep my hips high throughout the whole run.  I finished 34.98, definitely wasn’t happy at all.  I just wanted to grab something, anything and throw it! My coach had to leave right away, so I rushed over and told her the time.  She saw that I was upset about the times, but she told me not to worry.  The times were still good, and next time I just have to shoot to keep them all in the 33 range.  I guess if my coach is happy with my times, I really shouldn’t have too much to worry about. 

So Sunday was off, partially because it was Easter, but also just to get some rest.  With a race on Saturday, rest will be important this week, and I’ll just work on some fine tuning until then.

Monday I was back to two practices, but still some pretty easy ones.  In the morning I did some general exercises and some light short speed.  I’m still working on some of the pointers that I was given last week.  My first step has gotten a bit better, now to just work on my arm movement.  I felt it come along in a couple of the accels I did, so I at least now know what its suppose to feel like.  For the afternoon workout I was back into the blocks.  Blocks are my weakness, so I’ll be working on them as much as I can to improve my race.  Once again I did a couple starts that felt really good, and my coach said they looked good too.  I finished off with 5 x 150 from the 400 meter start.  This gave me a chance to see what the beginning of my race should feel like.  I think once I get out of the blocks my race is pretty golden, I just gotta keep working on the starts then I’ll be good to go. 

This morning we had off.  I woke up with my a pretty sore hamstring so I went for a jog then tried to stretch it out the best I could.  I’ll have to wait till practice tonight to see if it did the job.  Only a couple days till race day, and I’m hoping my hamstring wont become an issue.

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