Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Poor Neglected Blog

So its been a good week since my last post.  My week in Texas ended up being very enjoyable.  I was able to do all my workouts with little to no interruptions. My sister was on spring break the week I came down, so the detour ended up working out perfectly.  The day after I first got in I was suppose to workout, but given it was 10:30 pm by the time I landed in Dallas I figured it was a good idea to take the day off. 

Wednesday I did the workout that was prescribed to me for Tuesday and it went pretty well.  It was a bit cooler then I thought it was going to be given I was in Texas.  I warmed up with quiet a few layers on, but by the time I was ready to get into the workout, the layers got stripped off.  It was a pretty easy workout on paper, with a lot of drills, but my body was still stiff from all the flying the day before, so the workout felt a little harder then it was suppose to be.  Some of the high school kids came in to practice over the break and it gave me a chance to try out my coaching skills.  I was able to help a couple girls with some drills, which felt really good.  After practice I was pretty tired, and as soon as I got home I ate real quick, then headed right to bed. 

Thursday I finally felt refreshed and back to normal from all the traveling.  I had a short speed workout and the weather was a lot nicer out then the day before.  As I looked down to the start line I could see heat waves come up from the track.  Since I left Tobago I hadn’t seen anything close to a heat wave, so this was a very welcome site.  My sister was working out at the same time as me, and she was able to give me some feedback on a couple of my short sprints.  She was able to help me fix a couple things off my start, and by my last rep I definitely felt some improvement.

Friday was a day off, so I hung out with my sister and my nieces.  By Saturday it had cooled down a bit, and had actually started to rain.  It was cold, and only 2 degrees out! I couldn’t believe that I was actually in Texas with this crappy weather.  My workout was 3X250 with 12 minutes break, so I was going to have to run them pretty hard.  I warmed up the best I could inside the field houses, but as soon as I got outside, it felt like I hadn’t warmed up at all.  I did a couple drills outside, then headed right into the workout.  It seemed like right as I started my first run the wind picked up and it started to rain again.  I tried my best to push through it, and keep strong through the run. My goal for the runs was 33 seconds, but when I looked down at my watch I saw 36. I was pretty disappoint with the time, but I reminded that the weather wasn’t helping and just tried to refocus on the next reps.  I headed straight into the field house as soon as I was done running to keep warm, and try to amp up for the next rep.  The next two reps were not much different from the first, running 36 and 37 seconds.  I was really down after the runs, and didn’t even do a cool down, I just walked to the car and was ready to go home. I was pretty quiet for most of the ride home trying to figure out what went wrong.  The weather was bad and it definitely didn’t help the workout at all.  I told myself that next time it would go better, and just chalk this crappy workout up to the weather.

Sunday was off as well, so the whole family headed into town and went out for some creole food as a little treat.  Monday was a similar workout to the week before.  The temperature had gotten a lot better, but I decided to still do the workout inside the field house.  There were a lot of drills and no long runs, so it was nice to have the cushion of the field for them.  My sister had to head back to work on Monday so I just went with her to the school in the morning.  It was a lot different there when there were kids in the hallways.  By the time I had finished my own workout, the high school kids were starting up theirs.  The girls I had helped a couple days earlier were there, and it seemed like what I told them had stuck.

Monday was my last day in Texas, I was heading out early on Tuesday to Phoenix to finally be with my training partners.  I went shopping with my sister for some dry foods and cereal to take with me over to Phoenix.  And like always I was up take doing last minute packing for Tuesday morning.  My flight was heading out at 8:30am, and in order to beat the rush hour traffic we had to leave at 5:30am, so it meant a pretty early morning for me.  I got up at 4:20am and finished up packing and headed out the door right on time.

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