Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well after a week at home I was ready to leave.  I did my workout on Monday at the university then said good bye to my friends once again.  The week seemed to go by really quick, and it felt like I was just repacking what I had unpacked.  I've learned from travelling to Tobago how to pack a little bit more efficiently.  Going down to Tobago I was over by 23 pounds between my two bags.  I wore most of the stuff that I brought, but I also know that I brought things that I didn’t touch the whole time I was down.  I was able to fit all I needed in two small bags, maybe weighing 50 pounds collectively and that included three pairs of shoes. 

I left really early this morning and headed to Phoenix.  I had a 6:53 flight, so once again I had a sleepless night with fears of missing my flight.  Lucky for me my mom was taking me, and minutes before my alarm went off I heard her moving around up stairs. Instead of hitting the snooze button I got up right away and finished up with some last minute packing.  It seems like no matter how hard I try, I always seem to forget something when I pack.  I got luck this time and only forgot my deodorant…well luck for me, not so lucky for the guy beside me.  I left for Phoenix not 100% sure where I was going to be staying.  I have a couple training partners down in Phoenix already, but unfortunately they won’t have room for me for a week.  I had made a couple calls, and prayed they would just work out once I got there.  On the lay over in Denver I found out that one of the arrangements fell through, so I crossed my fingers for the other one to work out.  Well I must not have crossed them hard enough, because when I finally got to Phoenix I found out the second one fell through as well. 

I spent about an hour and half looking for affordable accommodations but to find something for the week was going to be very expensive, and my tight budget was not going to be able to afford it.  I felt defeated.  I knew I couldn’t head back home, I needed to train outdoors and Regina wasn’t going to cut it right now.  I need to start doing longer, faster runs and the smaller indoor track at the university makes it very hard to do that. 

I started to brainstorm, and after a couple text messages, a few phone calls and doing something's I’m not very proud of I was able to acquire a ticket to Dallas.  My sister lives near Dallas and she’s on spring break so I’ll be able to stay with her and train outdoors.  It ended up being cheaper to fly to go to Dallas for the week and spend with my sister, than to stay in a hotel in Phoenix.  So even though this little detour wasn’t planned, I think it will be for the best.  This way I can see my sister and still be able to train.  This week is an easy week, so I’m glad that I travelled this week.  If this had been a harder week I would have been a lot more stressed about this all. 

I think everything happens for a reason, and maybe I wasn’t meant to spend this week in Arizona.  I should be able to get all my workouts in, and not lose ground by heading to Dallas.

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