Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the Dirty South

Friday was the last workout of the week and I finally felt my body loosening. I put on extra layers for my warm up and made sure my body was gonna be ready to go. After jogging, stretching and all my drills sweat was drippin down my brow and I knew I was ready to go. As soon as I walked out of the field house I walking into what felt like a gale force wind. I looked up at the flags and both red, white and blues were fully erect from the wind. After doing a couple excels down the home stretch I knew I would have to do my workout on the other side. In the past 10x150 would kill me, but I looked forward to knocking this one out of the park. Working hard off the corner and maintaining down the stretch was the plan, and work that plan is what I did. Before I knew it I was on number 8, still moving good and not even feeling tired. I finished feeling amazing, which was something I hadn't felt all week.
I took my time and made my way to the weight room. The facility at my sister's school is amazing! I look forward to lift just so I can chill in the weight room. *note to self: take pictures of awesome weight room*
After I was all said and done we headed home to get ready for a little trip.
Shreveport, Louisiana is 4 hour drive away so we decided to hit it up for 'Mardi Gras'. Its a little smaller then the one in New Orleans, but still should be good.

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