Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Training Camp

So I've been in Arizona for just over a week now and so far it's been pretty good. The day I got in was a little rough though.
I landed in Phoenix at 9:30 prepared to go straight to the track. My partner picked me up and it was the first time I'd seen him since November. It was nice to be back with the old group and around some familiar faces. We dropped my bag off and when straight to the track. My workout was 6 x 200 with a 3 minute break. The break ended up being just long enough to slowly walk across the field and get ready to go again. The goal for the runs was 29 seconds, so I knew it was going to kinda hurt. The first rep wa in 28 so I had a good feel of how the rest needed to be. Even though it was a little fast I knew I'd have to take out the rest just like I did the first in order to keep them around the target. The next three were in 29 and I could feel the heavy legs start to build up. It was nice to have my training partners there cheering me on, and I knew they were really gonna help on the last two. I took an extra ten second break on the fifth one and just told myself to take off hard and set myself up for a good run. The first few steps were a little weak, but I recooped myself with 150 meters left. As I came off the bend the finish line seemed farther away then before. I tried to look up and past it and just pumped my arms through. 30.03 was my time, a little off the mark but still ok. I was feeling a little more tired than usual but I only had one left. I lightly jogged across the field and got ready for the last one. I didn't want the tiredness to kick in so I kept moving until it was time to run. I took off as hard as I could but by the third step both my legs felt like they weighed a thousand pounds each. I tried my hardest to keep my knees driving up and my arms pumping though. With 50 meters left I could feel my whole body fall apart. I was too tired to fight it, I finished in 30.28. It felt a lot slower so I was somewhat happy, but I was also tired as hell. I walked back to the start with my partners and they helped point out somethings I could work on for next time. I could hear what they were saying but for some reason it wasn't sticking. My head was light and my body wanted to just collapse and rest. Half way back I had to stop and just lay down. As I layed there I could hear noises around me but they didn't mean anything too me, I just wanted the pain to stop. I knew I shouldn't stay down for too long so I got up and tried my best to get moving. I made it back to the start but I still felt aweful. One of my partners offered me a protien bar to make me feel better, but it did the exact opposite. On bite of the bar induced barf faster than a bottle of epicac. We realized that waking up at four, only eating three mini oranges, then going straight from the airport to the track was not the best pre workout plan. My partners finished off their workout as I rested then we headed back to the house.
The rest of the days have consisted of two a day workouts which at first I was a little worried about. While in Tobago I did a couple days here and there with two a day practices, but it seemed like almost everyday down in Arizona has been a two a day. I've been able to adjust pretty well so far though. Other than a little tightness my body has felt pretty good.
My coach came down on the 23rd but it wasn't until the 26th that we were able to see her. Athletics Canada is holding a camp 20 minutes from where we are staying and since my coach is coaching the camp we are able to train with them as well. Some of Canada's best athletes and coaches are at the camp, so being there is very intimidating but also very exciting. I've been able to get some help from some of the coaches on my starts, which are my weakness. I'm hoping I'll be able to transfer what I learn from them into my races and make some improvements on my time.
Today we have the morning off which is a nice little treat. I slept in a bit and now I can just relax until practice tonight at 5. Hopefully it's nothing too hard :-)

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